Systematic wiring!

Being a competent partner in the field of fiber optics and ICT cabling, we offer a complete cabling system and a complete service package, from consulting, planning, implementation and commissioning to documentation.


The portfolio includes fiber optic technologies in all application areas of In-house networks, building cabling, and high-speed data center solutions.

Splicing and measuring work

We supply, install, and complete reliable and quality-tested fiber optic products (cables, connectors, patch panels ... etc). These products are tested and checked before commissioning and certifying in the entire complex.

EDP ​​& network cabling

From backbone to the socket shielded and unshielded (Cat 6 - Cat 8) we deliver all the necessary components. We are glad to carry out all related services, which include installing the cable, making the connector, mounting the cabinet and measuring with protocol.