Fiber optic technology for everyone!

To be able to bring fiber optic technology to your home, various planning and implementation steps are necessary.


Here is a small excerpt of our specific services.

Calibration & Pressure Testing

Special checks regarding the calibration and the pressure are required, to ensure that all pipes are professionally installed.


In general, a pipe can only be equipped with one cable. In order to enable multiple occupancy, new pipes are blown into the inventory.

Blown in cable

Using the latest technologies, cables are blown into an already existing pipe over several kilometers.

Construction of distributors and control centers

In order to enable every household the newest cable technology, within the location connections have to be interconnected up until the local central office.

House connections

Nowadays, an enormous amount of data in private households need to be stored. We create the conditions for a innovative technology.

Planning, Measurement & Documentation

Each project starts with a dialogue. As a first step we disclose your individual wishes and requirements and then we jointly plan the best possible solution. After a successful implementation, you will receive complete documentation with all measurements and system guarantees.